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Bear Sin by Isadora Montrose

Dragon Intrigues

Don’t dragons eat bunnies?

Yup. Neil’s spent years fighting his craving for the BBW-next-door. Now he must save Blythe’s curvy ass before indulging his red-hot fantasies.

Photographer Blythe only meant to earn a little extra cash doing a small job for SPAR, the paranormal policing agency. Now she’s up to her bunny ears in trouble. Special Paranormal All Ranks is pursuing ruthless psi-mobsters and this cutthroat gang is after Blythe.

Wounded warrior Neil is recuperating from his last mission when Blythe’s home is fire-bombed. Rabbit shifter Blythe might be off-limits to a dragon, but he can’t sit on his hands while his mate is threatened.

After he and Blythe are caught naked and making out in his kitchen, this protective dragon is thrilled when the head of his billionaire clan commands him to marry his own true love.

Too bad Blythe won’t take their engagement as a done deal. She’ll play along, and let him guard her from murderous thugs, but she’s keeping her own heart on lockdown while she toys with his.

With villains targeting his woman, and Blythe refusing to take their destiny seriously, this soldier has a full-time mission. They’re on the run, so there couldn’t be a worse time for a dragon to go wooing. Fate has set Neil an impossible task. Fortunately, Marines do impossible things.

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