Welcome to Mystic Bay, Oregon where the impossible is possible and the paranormal is normal. This lone town on the tiny island of West Haven is home to a wide assortment of sensitives. Fairies, psychics, sorcerers, and shifters of all stripes live on this magical island in the San Juans.

Matchmakers Robin Fairchild and Gordon (Sully) Sullivan are bringing unlikely couples together. With a little magic, and a lot of love, romance is about bring new life to Mystic Bay and West Haven.

All the stories in Isadora’s Mystic Bay series will be published as part of Shifters in Love’s Fun & Flirty romances. A new lighthearted, standalone story by a different paranormal romance writer will be issued every week as a Fun & Flirty title. Watch for new romances every Thursday!

Desired by the Dragon

A Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty Romance

(BBW/Dragon shifter Romance)

Billionaire dragon lusts for fairy princess.

Fairy Moira Fairchild has started a new business in her hometown of Mystic Bay, Oregon. Wealthy dragon shifter Quinn has quit his job in the family investment firm and come to the island of West Haven to paint full-time. Curvy Moira is the only thing that can distract him from his art.

But on West Haven, it’s against the unspoken rules for the Fae to marry shifters. The best Quinn can hope for is an affair with this lovely fairy. But with fairy-godmother Robin Fairchild and weather worker Sully playing matchmaker, sparks are bound to fly.

Quinn risks the wrath of the powerful sensitives on the Mystic Bay Town Council to pursue this intriguing BBW. Moira is drawn to alpha male Quinn, but isn’t keen on becoming a twenty-foot reptile. How can they both avoid the heartache that seems inevitable? And what about Quinn’s hoard of naked fairy pictures…

Desired by the Dragon is Book 1 in the lighthearted Mystic Bay series. And the first story in the Shifters in Love’s Fun & Flirty romances. It includes the first 3 chapters of the next Mystic Bay book, Cherished by the Cougar. Although they all take place in the small town of Mystic Bay, Oregon, each book in the Mystic Bay series is intended as a standalone paranormal romance.

Take a vacation from the humdrum. A Mystic Bay Romance will instantly transport you to a fun filled world of sizzling passion and transcendent love. A guaranteed happy ending every time.


Cherished by the Cougar

A Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty Romance

(BBW/Cougar shifter Romance)

Is a marriage of convenience any way to meet your fated mate?

Sorceress and single mom Claudia Peterson has returned to Mystic Bay where the paranormal is normal to raise her little boy. If only the Town Council didn’t object to shifter-sorcerer hybrids. They want to toss her and Jimmy off the island of West Haven.

When rumor names him as Jimmy’s father, cougar shifter and summer resident Ryan Rutherford is compelled by the head of his clan to marry BBW Claudia. Trouble is alpha male Ryan has never met this curvy witch – it’s his cousin who’s the father of her child.

Holding documents forged by fairy matchmaker Robin Fairchild, shifter enforcer & former Marine Ryan shows up on Claudia’s doorstep to inform her that they’re married. The attraction between them is instant, but Claudia suspects it’s only a spell. Ryan worries that his luscious wife gave her heart to the tom cat who abandoned her.

Enjoy a sexy romp as these two wary souls discover their bond is soul deep and a match made in West Haven is indeed a match made in Heaven.

This standalone novel is Book 2 in the Mystic Bay series. It is set on the magical island of West Haven. It includes 3 bonus chapters from Isadora’s next Mystic Bay romance Beloved by the Bear and is one of the many titles in the Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty line.