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Welcome to Mystic Bay where the impossible is possible and the paranormal is normal. This magical small town is home to fairies, psychics, sorcerers, and shifters of all stripes.

Matchmakers Robin Fairchild and Gordon (Sully) Sullivan are bringing unlikely couples together. With a little magic, and a lot of love, romance is about bring new life to this small town.

Desired by the Dragon

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Dragon shifter Romance)

Billionaire dragon lusts for fairy princess.

Fairy Moira Fairchild has started a new business in her hometown of Mystic Bay, Oregon. Wealthy dragon shifter Quinn has quit his job in the family investment firm and come to the island of West Haven to paint full-time. Curvy Moira is the only thing that can distract him from his art.

But on West Haven, it’s against the unspoken rules for the Fae to marry shifters. The best Quinn can hope for is an affair with this lovely fairy. But with fairy-godmother Robin Fairchild and weather worker Sully playing matchmaker, sparks are bound to fly.

Quinn risks the wrath of the powerful sensitives on the Mystic Bay Town Council to pursue this intriguing BBW. Moira is drawn to alpha male Quinn, but isn’t keen on becoming a twenty-foot reptile. How can they both avoid the heartache that seems inevitable? And what about Quinn’s hoard of naked fairy pictures…

Desired by the Dragon is Book 1 in the lighthearted Mystic Bay series. It includes the first 3 chapters of the next Mystic Bay book, Cherished by the Cougar. Although they all take place in the small town of Mystic Bay, Oregon, each book in the Mystic Bay series is intended as a standalone paranormal romance.

Take a vacation from the humdrum. A Mystic Bay Romance will instantly transport you to a fun filled world of sizzling passion and transcendent love. A guaranteed happy ending every time.


Cherished by the Cougar

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Cougar shifter Romance)

Is a marriage of convenience any way to meet your fated mate?

Sorceress and single mom Claudia Peterson has returned to Mystic Bay where the paranormal is normal to raise her little boy. If only the Town Council didn’t object to shifter-sorcerer hybrids. They want to toss her and Jimmy off the island of West Haven.

When rumor names him as Jimmy’s father, cougar shifter and summer resident Ryan Rutherford is compelled by the head of his clan to marry BBW Claudia. Trouble is alpha male Ryan has never met this curvy witch – it’s his cousin who’s the father of her child.

Holding documents forged by fairy matchmaker Robin Fairchild, shifter enforcer & former Marine Ryan shows up on Claudia’s doorstep to inform her that they’re married. The attraction between them is instant, but Claudia suspects it’s only a spell. Ryan worries that his luscious wife gave her heart to the tom cat who abandoned her.

Enjoy a sexy romp as these two wary souls discover their bond is soul deep and a match made in West Haven is indeed a match made in Heaven.

This standalone novel is Book 2 in the Mystic Bay series. It is set on the magical island of West Haven. It includes 3 bonus chapters from Isadora’s next Mystic Bay romance Beloved by the Bear.


Beloved by the Bear

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Bear shifter Romance)

BBW mermaid longs for chance-met bear shifter. Anton Benoit discovers that the magical town of Mystic Bay on the beautiful island of West Haven calls to his inner bear. After one glance at curvy mermaid Serena Merryman, this burly veteran knows his mate hunt is over.

But what are the odds that a rainbow-haired mermaid is a bear’s destined mate? Can he find bliss with an athletic female who can swim rings around his bear? Anton has his work cut out to persuade Serena and her family that they are made for each other.

Serena also feels the sensual tingle between them. But merfolk marry other merfolk. And don’t bears gobble fish and fish people? Moreover, former Marine Anton seems as take-charge as her domineering father. Does she want to risk her life and happiness by cozying up to this muscular shifter?

Serena’s father is the mer-king and his word is law for all the merfolk. He forbids their match. Ever since he banished her older brother, Serena and her sisters have tiptoed around their father. All the merfolk have. In order to win his bride, Anton must restore harmony to Serena’s family and track down her big brother.

Serena’s father has repeatedly tried to find his exiled son. How can Anton succeed where the mer-king has failed?

Fortunately, this bear shifter has the can-do spirit he learned in the Marine Corps and honed in Special Forces. Anton embarks on a magical adventure determined to find the mer-king’s greatest treasure and win the hand of his buxom mermaid. Along they way to true love, he and Serena are helped and hindered by the usual cast of characters in the quirky town of Mystic Bay, where the paranormal is normal and magic is in the very air.

This sultry, feel-good romp is Book 3 in Isadora’s Mystic Bay series. Enjoy a light-hearted blend of comedy and romance as these two lovers learn to trust their hearts and each other.


Adored by a Dragon

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Dragon shifter Romance)

How do you get the attention of a dragon husband who takes you for granted? Pregnant Angie Lindorm yanks her neglectful alpha male’s chain when she runs off to magical Mystic Bay. She intends to build a new life for herself on the island sanctuary of West Haven.

When Rear Admiral Daniel Lindorm discovers that his wife has left him, he gives chase. Aristocratic Daniel loves his luscious bride. BBW fairy and dragoness Angie adores her dragon husband. But sculptress Angie is weary of waiting for her naval officer to return from his missions.

Can Mystic Bay give this shipwrecked marriage a second chance? What happens if love isn’t enough?

Passion burns hot between Daniel and Angie. And there is plenty of sensual magic to go around. Can the transcendental bond between these two fated mates heal the mistakes of the past?

Billionaire Daniel Lindorm is a member of the House of Lindorm from Isadora’s Lords of the Dragon Islands series. He is every bit as handsome, courageous, noble, and imperious as any of his cousins. His fairy-turned-dragoness has her work cut out to clip her dragon’s wings.

You will cheer Angie on as she uses every wile in a full spell box to save her marriage and woo her dragon, while the usual varied cast of paranormal characters from enchanting Mystic Bay play matchmaker.

Adored by a Dragon is a full-length, standalone Paranormal Romance and romantic comedy. It is Book 4 in the Mystic Bay series.


Fated for the Phoenix

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Phoenix shifter Romance)

Samantha: I am a unicorn, a sedate, reserved healer. What brain glitch made me think a fierce, warlike phoenix was my soul mate?

Rafael: Curvy Samantha may have run from me, but she will always be mine. How can I persuade a high-strung unicorn to fulfill her destiny as my mighty phoenix bride?

A betrayed unicorn. An amnesiac phoenix with PTSD. Their high-spirited, mischievous love child. A magical island where the paranormal is normal.

Can Mystic Bay transform these fated mates into a happy family? Gentle BBW unicorn Samantha must find the fortitude to forgive her fierce lover. Alpha male phoenix shifter Rafael must open his shattered heart to love.

Good thing it’s never too late for love in enchanted Mystic Bay. Join matchmakers Robin and Sully in another feel-good romantic romp as they snare these two in a love trap.

Never forget: A match made in West Haven is a match made in heaven.

Fated for the Phoenix is a full-length, standalone Paranormal Romance and romantic comedy. It is Book 5 in the Mystic Bay series.


Bedded by the Bear

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Bear shifter Romance)

What kind of bear takes his pregnant bride to honeymoon in a log cabin with no electricity? The kind who found boot camp relaxing.

Friends to lovers. Bearshifter Mitchell never planned to hit on his best friend’s curvy little sister. For years BBW she-bear Zoe has kept her crush on dominant Marine Mitch to herself. But out of the blue, everything changes.

Now plus-sized Zoe is having a baby by the wrong man. She needs a refuge from her old-fashioned bear clan and the baby’s father. Alpha male Mitchell has just resigned from the Marines. He wants all the trappings of civilian life.

A wife and cub seem like a fine bargain to this protective bear. Plus if he marries Zoe, he gets the family cottage as a bonus.

A fast marriage, a hot night of passion, the honeymoon from hell. There’s plenty of sizzle between these two bears, but does that mean they are truly soulmates?

How can this marriage of convenience be transformed into their happily ever after?

Enjoy this sweetly spicy romp with a side of paranormal, as these two bears discover whether they’re fated to love for a lifetime or just sharing a bed.

Steam Alert: Lusty bears with big appetites enjoy each other’s luscious bodies again and again.

Bedded by the Bear is a full-length romantic comedy. It is Book 6 in the Mystic Bay BBW paranormal romance series. Like all Isadora’s books it has an HEA and contains no cliffhangers.


Wedded to the Wolf

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Werewolf Romance)

Curvy mer-princess Justine knows her fling with hunky werewolf Drew is destined to be brief.

After a bad marriage, this mermaid doesn’t want to be bitten by love, let alone by a werewolf.

Drew is his Alpha’s heir. That means marrying a wolf or a woman he can transform into one. Living in tiny Mystic Bay and marrying a mer-woman is a no go.

But this dominant, protective Marine burns to give BBW Justine a second chance at love. Must Drew choose between his pack and his fated mate?

Even as he rocks her senses and steals her heart, Justine can’t quite believe that Drew is her one true love.

But hot monkey love with a smoking alpha wolf? She’s totally down with that.

Yet when the tables are turned, and it is Drew who is transformed by mer magic, all bets are off. Can these two shapeshifters bond before the Mer-King hauls Drew off to deep water?

No spoilers! But, as usual, there is a Happy Ever After ending and a whole lot of hijinks and good loving. Let shifters Drew and Justine sweep you away on a steamy mini-vacation.

Enjoy your visit to the magical island of West Haven, where the paranormal is normal, and true love always finds a way.

The characters you loved in the other Mystic Bay books return to delight you again. (Don’t worry, Wedded to the Wolf is a standalone. You can read all the Mystic Bay books in whatever order appeals.)

Wedded to the Wolf is Mystic Bay Book 7.


Dazzled by a Dragon

A Small Town Paranormal Romance

(BBW/Dragon Shifter Romance)

Possessive dragon blackmails curvy crystal worker. Demands marriage.
With her family out of town, crystal tuner Kim is left as sole guardian of their secret caverns. Dragon shifter Ian accidentally falls into this mysterious, heady, paranormal wonderland and finds what he immediately recognizes as his fated mate.

However, Kim uses her psychic powers to suppress his memories. But you can’t make a dragon forget his destined bride that easily! This BBW thought her biggest problem was being the talentless one in a clan of powerful geo-talents. Turns out her biggest problem is a relentless suitor who won’t take no for an answer.

Kim is fighting her own attraction to this dominant alpha male. But what kind of ninny marries a dude who demands marriage in exchange for keeping her clan’s deepest secret? Protective Ian has to battle not just the town’s prejudices, but his own. Turns out, as far as paranormal talents go in Mystic Bay, crystal-working is bottom of the barrel. And nothing gets simpler when Ian’s puts a flawed ring on his bride’s hand. Pretty soon they’ve stirred up trouble with their Mystic Bay neighbors, and are fighting their own love battles.

This mismatched pair could use a little help from matchmakers Sully and Robin. But the sorcerer and the fairy are finally honeymooning. Enjoy another steamy, action-packed romp in magical Mystic Bay where the paranormal is normal and love always finds a way.

Like all the books in the Mystic Bay series, Dazzled by a Dragon is a standalone romantic comedy with a HEA ending. Dazzled by a Dragon is Mystic Bay Book 8.


Mystic Bay Series Books 1-4

A Small Town Paranormal Romance Bundle

These 4 big-hearted, heroic shifters know they’ve found their soulmates. Too bad their curvy women are running scared.

Enjoy 4 spicy, funny paranormal romps with more twists and turns than the Old Coast Road as 4 big bad beasts claim their fated mates.

With a fairy as mayor and a wizard as her deputy, it ought to be easy for shifters to find their fairy tale endings in Mystic Bay.

If only. While the paranormal is normal in magical Mystic Bay, predatory shifters are second-class citizens.

Take a walk on the mild side as Isadora’s quirky paranormal characters help and hinder these 4 shifters’ romantic pursuits.

Box set includes:

Desired by the Dragon: Billionaire dragon lusts for forbidden fairy princess. Moira is drawn to alpha male Quinn, but isn’t keen on becoming a twenty-foot reptile. And what’s up with his hoard of naked fairy pictures?

Cherished by the Cougar: Voluptuous single mom and witch Claudia wakes up married to a stranger. Can a forced match to a wounded cougar bring her a happily ever after?

Beloved by the Bear: After one glance at mermaid Serena, burly veteran Anton is smitten. How can he convince her clan that a bear can be the king of a BBW mermaid’s heart?

Adored by a Dragon: Fed up with her neglectful mate, pregnant fairy Angelina runs off. Dominant dragon Daniel arrives in hot pursuit, but Angie won’t give him a second chance. How can this possessive dragon woo back his wife?

Mystic Bay Books 1-4 contains 4 steamy page-turners that will make you laugh and cry, and satisfy your deepest shifter needs. Each of these light-hearted, feel-good stories has a happy-ever-after ending.


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