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Dragon Intrigues

SPAR: Rescue & Romance 1

(BBW/Dragon shifter Romance)

Don’t dragons eat bunnies? Yup. Neil has always hankered after the rabbit-next-door. But before he can indulge his X-rated fantasies, he must save Blythe’s ripe round ass.

Photographer Blythe only meant to earn a little extra cash doing a small job for SPAR, the paranormal policing agency. Now she’s up to her bunny ears in trouble. Special Paranormal All Ranks is dealing with ruthless psi-mobsters and this cutthroat gang is after Blythe.

Wounded warrior Neil is recuperating from his last mission when Blythe’s home is bombed by a murderous arsonist. Rabbit shifter Blythe might be off-limits to a dragon, but he can’t sit on his hands while she’s attacked. But there’s more danger ahead than a mere house fire.

After he and Blythe are caught naked and making out in his kitchen, this protective dragon is thrilled when the head of his clan commands him to marry his own true love.

Too bad Blythe won’t take their engagement as a done deal. She’ll play along, and let him guard her from murderous thugs, but she’s keeping her own heart on lockdown while she plays with his.

With villains targeting his woman, and Blythe herself refusing to take their destiny seriously, this soldier has a full-time mission. They’re on the run, so there couldn’t be a worse time for a dragon to go wooing. Fate has set Neil an impossible task. Fortunately, Marines do impossible things.

Dragon Intrigues is Book 1 in the paranormal romantic suspense series SPAR: Rescue & Romance.


Bear Intrigues

SPAR: Rescue & Romance 2

(BBW/Bear shifter Romance)

Doe on the run trapped on island with ravenous bear. Will she make it off alive or in love?

When bear Colin Justice saves BBW Deanna Mead from rogue shapeshifters he accepts full responsibility for keeping her safe — forever. Deanna is in more danger than she knows. But possessive alpha male Colin may pose a greater threat than her brutal enemies.

Can a penniless grazer and a billionaire hunter lie down in peace? How about passion? This unlikely pair of shifters are drawn together by fate, desperation, and their mutual resolve to protect their world from freaks.

Former Marine Colin has been recruited by Special Paranormal All Ranks to help them take down Vector. Curvy Deanna has something that cut-throat psi-syndicate is willing to kill for. But what?

To foil Vector, Colin and Deanna must devise psi-weapons to battle an army of paranormal criminals. But the clock is ticking.

Take-charge Colin’s primary mission is to preserve this sassy beauty’s life at any cost. He’ll risk his heart & life to claim his stubborn soulmate. What will it take to make this feisty independent deer race headlong into a bear’s arms?

If bearshifters in thrall to their strong curvy mates are what you crave, join Colin & Deanna on their adventures.

Bear Intrigues is Book 2 in the paranormal romantic suspense series SPAR: Rescue & Romance. This full-length, standalone novel of romantic suspense is crammed with twists, turns, & thrills. All spiced with red-hot desire — with a happy-ever-after ending that’ll leave you wanting more. No cheating. No cliffhangers.



Cougar Intrigues

SPAR: Rescue & Romance 3

(BBW/Cougar shifter Romance)

Suspects or soulmates? Will love shift a cynical cougar from fake fiancé to fated mate?

Suspicious psychic and take-charge shifter team up to keep tabs on each other. But who will shield them from their fierce mutual attraction?

BBW Patrice is desperate to avenge her only sister’s death. When it comes to death by paranormal means the cops can’t help. SPAR is your only hope. But how can feisty Patrice trust the red-hot alpha male SPAR assigns to investigate her sister’s murder? After all this Marine-turned-billionaire-industrialist is the likeliest hitman.

Shapeshifter Rod Tremaine has been tasked by Special Paranormal All Ranks to catch the psi-assassin who killed Patrice’s sister. Crystal worker Patrice seems to be a grieving sister, but she possesses the psychic talent required to kill with a paranormal weapon.

Has strong-minded CEO Patrice been co-opted by the psi-syndicate Vector? Or is she another of that mob’s victims? SPAR wants her kept safe. And the killer caught. To fulfill his mission as bodyguard, possessive Rod goes undercover as curvy Patrice’s truelove and fiancé.

But who protects this cougar’s loving heart?

With more twists and turns than a mountain road, Cougar Intrigues is another installment in SPAR: Rescue & Romance. The third book in Isadora’s thrilling new series is a sizzling, standalone Paranormal Romantic Suspense novel with no cliffhangers and a happy ever after.

Get it in pre-orders! COMING OUT DECEMBER 2

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