Phoenix Alight is nearly here! The new date is Dec 12. If you already pre-ordered it, and expect it to arrive Jan 13, you will receive it on Dec 12 instead.

I am tremendously excited to be publishing Book 4 of the Alpha Phoenix series. It has a pair of exciting leads. Both Frankie D’Angelo, the phoenix shifter, and Cameron Reynolds, her bear shifter lover, are Air Force officers.

This paranormal romance includes adventure, transcendent love, telepathic phoenixes and steamy scenes. Plus weird new shifters. All the elements that you readers indicated were what you wanted in your shifter stories.

The price will go from $2.99 to $3.99 on release day.

Here is a scene to give you a taste:


A toxic cloud of brimstone and hell-deep growls pulled Cam awake. At first, he thought he was sharing Frankie’s nightmare. But that sulfuric smell and rumbling threat were all too real.

Cam wrapped his body around Warrior Woman’s and rolled off the far side of the bed still holding her. They landed together on the floor. He kept rolling until Frankie’s back was pressed hard against the far wall and his body was shielding hers.

A meteorite crashed through the blinds and curtains. The flapping rags burst into flames. Brimstone billowed. Cam gagged on the stench and fumes. Shift and damn. Of all the times to shift into bear willy-nilly. This was no time to lose communication. If ever he had needed his power of speech, he needed it now.

The bed splintered beneath the intruder. Mattress and timber began to smolder. More smoke boiled into the room. That bedframe had been constructed out of solid oak beams in the Craftsman style. A substantial, heavy piece of furniture reduced to kindling by the impact of their attacker.

The fires lit by the flaming paranormal being calmed and went out. Somehow he knew that was Frankie’s doing. But the extinguished fires still filled the room with choking smoke and fumes. His bear coughed and sneezed. He stared in horror at the attacker looming out of the smog.

The mammoth three-headed, blazing intruder burned with scarlet and indigo fires. But where phoenixes were dazzling rainbows of paranormal color, this fetid, carrion-scented beast gave off light from the darkest edges of the paranormal spectrum. Its flaming hide smoldered and burned, but the red and blue was blotched with patches of rotting black flesh.

The great beast bayed a daunting challenge from the ruins of the bed. Teeth like daggers threatened death. Dark slobber dripped from all three snarling mouths. The blackened sheets hissed and dissolved. The three heads twisted around on elongating stalks like so many writhing vines. Jaws snapping, the heads extended menacingly towards Cam and his precious woman.

This is material not previously published. ©Isadora Montrose, 2017

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