Dragon Ensnared is the next in the Lords of the Dragon Islands series. I hope you will enjoy it as much as Enchanted. Jareth Lindorm is ready to become a mated dragon lord. He has no idea that water nymph Iliana intends to snare him. Iliana is a soulless nixie. Jareth is an oversensitive soul. Their adventures en route to their Happily Ever After are a steamy blend of comedy, suspense and romance.

A soulless water nymph is not what bachelor dragon lord Jareth is seeking in a mate. But handsome billionaire Jareth is exactly what BBW Iliana wants.

She is fed up with living in an ice-cold stream and sleeping with the fishes. She schemes to ensnare Jareth to obtain a warm berth, a soft baby, and a hard man.

Jareth’s terrifying visions plunge them into a hazardous trek to the frozen northern wastes. Jareth also fears his visions mean he is slowly going insane. Can he bind his mate to a madman? And how can Iliana transform Jareth’s gratitude into the love she craves?

Together, nixie and dragon lord must stumble their way to a sizzling HEA and a transcendent love. Laugh and cry with Iliana and Jareth as they face raging seas, a black-hearted wraith, and the goddess of Hel.

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Excerpt from Dragon Ensnared:

Without warning, a vision struck. The damned or the dead howled. Shift. Jareth swayed on his feet, balance gone, heart shuddering. Enthralled and helpless, fear pounding in his veins, the vision seized his eyes and ears. From the depths of the stream, a maiden with a face as pale as death raised pleading arms like long strands of twining seaweed.

Her coppery hair floated about a stark white face. Her black eyes opened and closed like a doll’s. He lurched as that soulless gaze captured his. She was naked from the waist up. Her breasts bobbed in the water. Sweetly rounded and tipped with crimson. Her skirts were foamy rags that moved languidly around her long white legs.

His heart seemed too large for his chest. Or too small. He could scarcely draw a breath. He knew from experience that there was no way to turn either sound or sight off. He had to endure. Gradually the unearthly wailing that accompanied this vision became a woman’s beguiling voice.

“Save me,” she begged. “Son of Lind, you are my only hope. Rescue me.” It seemed as if her long white arms would drag him beneath the water.

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