Last weekend, I uploaded the final draft of Adored by a Dragon to Amazon. It’s ready to read on Aug 3! Here is a little preview.

Daniel Lindorm and his curvy fairy wife, Angelina, are hanging out in Mystic Bay trying to jumpstart their marriage. Will enchanting Mystic Bay give them a second chance at their HEA?

I also made you a memory game to celebrate the upcoming release of Angie and Daniel’s love story. Included are several book covers also from our fabulous Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty line. Thanks, Rinelle Grey, Elsa Jade, Emma Alisyn & Ellis Leigh!



Daniel in dragon form was so magnificent he took her breath away. As he had done since their nuptial flight. He was deep Lindorm blue as most dragons of his house were. His wings were twenty-four feet across when he unfurled their glossy leather. His diamond-hard scales possessed the faintest rim of deep green and his tail dart, curving horns, and razor-sharp talons were emerald.

She mounted his back. She trusted Daniel not to dump her into the ocean, but nevertheless she had created a saddle which was more of a space capsule than some maharajah’s ornamental howdah. Thick shoulder straps and a lap belt prevented her from falling out.

Daniel kept circling. She had reins, but she remembered that pulling them was useless. Like trying to stop a car by pulling on the steering wheel. Daniel did not take direction. Much better to lean back and enjoy the sights and smell of the ocean.

It was almost as much fun as sailing. The breeze intensified the delicious briny smell of the Pacific. A scent subtly distinct from the North Atlantic. Lovely. She removed the hair pins from her braided bun and let the wind pass through her hair. It flew behind her like a flag. Her scalp relaxed. She began to hum.

Beneath her, her dragon began to join her in song. His whistling resonated through her whole body. As if the vibrations reached her womb, the baby began a gentle tapping almost in time with its father’s music. She was being fanciful. Yet her dragon’s flying-music transported her to an earlier time when their love was new and he was wooing her.

It made the old promises of eternal fidelity. Swore she was treasured beyond all other women. Loved more than life itself. She knew these pledges to be half-truths, but her heart responded to them anyway. She forgot the sea was his mistress. The Navy his master. Her entire being suffused with longing. Not just a physical sexual arousal, but a psychic yearning. Her aura and his united as they used to do in perfect harmony.

Gradually Daniel drifted down to the sailboat, turning in a wide gentle spiral, so their descent was almost imperceptible. But by the time they landed on the water, every cell in her body was vibrating in time with his. He hovered over the small craft so she could clamber aboard.

One wave of her hand and her saddle and harness vanished. But Daniel did not return to human. He rose once more in the air and soared on the wind, before diving back down to the water. In a display of muscular finesse, he danced for her on the surface of the water, using the enormous strength of his wings to appear to be supported solely by the ocean.

He danced as he had danced on the beach when they were young. Curvetting and bowing and singing his mating song. Dragons were an ancient race, descended from birds. His mating dance was both instinctive and practiced. They had danced it together in happier times.

Every wave of his brilliant wings brought her his scent on the wind. The aroma of fully aroused male dragon. Her male. Her mate. He waggled himself enticingly at her. A flush spread over her face and breasts. Her sex grew full and hot. He was doing it deliberately.

But she did not want him to stop. It was all she could do to resist the urge to join him, to spread her own wings and dance on the rippling waves. She was strong, but probably not strong enough to pull off this display of raw masculine power and potency, and dance on water.

And all the while he beguiled her, he sang. The deep notes heated Angelina’s blood. Thrummed in her veins. She craved him as she had not done in years. Desired a perfect union of body and spirit. A union with her one true mate. By the time he spun in one last glorious display of physical virtuosity, and stepped into the boat in a sudden transformation, she was teetering on the verge of release.

Even the wild rocking of the small vessel as a large upright male stalked her was exciting. He picked her up and squatted until he was seated. Her legs automatically embraced his naked waist.

“Undress yourself,” he ordered. “Or shall I do it?”

They were likely to drown if he ripped her garments off. It would take too long if he did it. Excuses tossed around in her sex-maddened mind like leaves in a gale. She blinked her clothes away.

Daniel’s mouth took hers in an intimate kiss. His tongue tangled fiercely with hers. This was no gentle salutation such as the kiss he had given her in the store. This was an elemental sharing of breath, spit, and need. Her own mouth was just as greedy as his. Back and forth they dueled in time with one another. First one and then the other exploring the most secret recesses and savoring the flavor of the other.

A gust of wind had him pulling back to check the boat. “It’s fine,” he growled. His hands left her waist to travel over her bump. “Mine.” He kissed her again. But this time, his pace was slower, more the sipping of a connoisseur than the reckless gobbling of a horny pirate.

He was a hard pole against her bottom. She reached behind her to squeeze it. “Mine,” she challenged him.

“Always. Yours and only yours.”

This is material not previously published. ©Isadora Montrose, 2018

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