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Bearly Begun

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Feisty Erin Salter sacrificed her youth and dreams to make sure her motherless twin half-brothers had a home. She hasn’t had energy for a lover in years, but she’ll happily lay down her virtue for manly Leonard Benoit , if he will help keep her boys out of jail.

Desperate, bachelor bear-shifter Leonard Benoit hails from remote, womanless Yakima Ridge. This burly, handsome backwoodsman is in Portland hunting his life-mate. One meeting with BBW Erin ignites his shifter passions—permanently. To win his destined bride, he undertakes to take her kid brothers in hand.

With two suspicious young’uns scrutinizing his every move, how can Lenny woo this reserved city woman the way instinct tells him to? But dancing the bedtime waltz with his luscious, fated mate without revealing his shifter secret is a bad plan.

What’s a shifter to do when his one and only mate decides her dreams do not include marrying a man who turns into a nightmare?

Fair warning: This novella contains multiple scenes of rapturous passion between a woman-starved shifter and a man-hungry BBW. If the primal lust that can erupt between a bear and his fated mate disturbs your sensitivities, keep looking. Because the bears of Yakima Ridge believe a bear bond is best forged in bed.

Book 1 in the Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge series, Bearly Begun has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone. $2.99 on Amazon – FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Bearly Enough

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Manly, bachelor bear-shifter Joseph Benoit needs a bride. He’s mate hunting in Portland, looking for a wide hipped, deep bosomed, lovely who will arouse his bear’s longing heart.

When strapping, stalwart Alpha male Joe pulls a mugger off statuesque Caitlyn Morrison he’s instantly smitten. But the gang of cop-killers seeking to silence Caitlyn keeps interrupting Joey’s determined courtship of his reluctant fated bride.

Maybe Caitlyn can’t resist Joe’s brawny charms and the primal passion he stirs in her, but she has no intention of marrying a guy from the backwoods.

Caitlyn embarks on an affair with this insatiable woodsman. But Joey won’t settle for less than marriage.

Will this lovesick bear ever persuade intractable Caitlyn to marry up and leave the city to go live deep in the woods on Yakima Ridge with a passel of shifters? Or will this city woman wring this country boy dry and break his heart?

Fair warning: This novella may offend. If you don’t enjoy reading about the sexual romps of love-starved shifters and their lustful BBW’s this series is not for you. This book contains intimate descriptions of hot bear passion.

Book 2 in the Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge series, Bearly Enough has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone. $2.99 on Amazon – FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Bearly Ever

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Bearshifter Gideon Bascom has riled up his entire clan and he has lovely BBW Alyssa Morrison’s family gunning for bear too. Seems their scandalous carryings-on are the talk of Allie’s hometown.

How hard could it be to persuade a woman who’s already made a fool of herself over you to marry up and end a feud? But wild child Alyssa is determined not to give her hand where her heart won’t follow, and she doesn’t believe lust is any substitute for love.

With Allie’s menfolk loading their shotguns, and Gideon’s kinfolk thinking tarring and feathering might be too good for him, he’s between a rock and a hard place. Or not.

Because marriage to this soft and delicious female might just be the making of this man. Can Alyssa tame this bold and impetuous bear? Can Gideon learn to respect his destined mate? And when villains from her past threaten her again, will he defend her life with his?

Fair warning: Bearshifter seduces nubile BBW and initiates her in the art of pleasing an insatiable shifter. Salacious scenes may shock those not up for sizzling descriptions of horny bears and their voracious BBWs. But if you prefer your bears wild and untamed, and ready to indulge their unquenchable passions this series will satisfy your romantic needs.

Book 3 in the Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge series, Bearly Ever has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone. $2.99 on Amazon – FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Bearly Forever

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

What kind of fluff brained fool spends six years yearning for a bear? curvaceous BBW Julia Parker can’t get Asher Bascom’s big, burly body out of her dreams, even after she’s seen him turn into a honking great bear and handed him back his ring.

Lovesick Asher knows he’s doomed to remain a lonely bachelor, because a bear loves but once. But when he learns that his passionate mate is being stalked, he resolves to keep her safe and to try his hand at wooing her one last time.

Julia is taken aback when strong, handsome Ash strides unasked into her home. But this strapping alpha male makes her feel just as safe and turned on as she did when she was a green girl.

Ash hardly recognizes his cute college sweetheart in this alluring, sultry-eyed minx who plagues his dreams with her wanton tricks. But his heart doesn’t care—this buxom woman is his destined bride. Julia has a choice: live lonely, or take a chance on a big, ripped bearshifter who is capable of loving her all night long.

Fair Warning: This novella contains red hot scenes of physical bear-love. If the notion of an insatiable, sensual beauty tutoring a poor, naive bear from the backwoods in exotic love arts leaves you cold, read no further. Country boy Asher’s smoking response to his mate’s sexy wiles will blister your eyes.

Book 4 in the series Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge, Bearly Forever has a HEA with no cliffhangers and can be read alone. $2.99 on Amazon – FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED!

Bearly Beloved by Paranormal Romance Author Isadora Montrose

Bearly Beloved

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Bearly Beloved brings you the sexy, heartwarming love story of widowed Debbie Benoit and her girlhood crush former bad boy Gilbert Bascom.

Thirty years later, Gilbert Bascom returns to Yakima Ridge and discovers his passionate feelings for this buxom BBW haven’t changed since he was a wild cub. Can this burly, hard living, billionaire bearshifter persuade this beautiful bear that she’s his one and only?

Book 5 in the Bachelor Bears of Yakima Ridge series, this short story gives you a peek into the lives of Joey and Len and their BBW mates as Deb’s and Gil’s midsummer romance heats up.

This book is not included in the Brides for the Bachelor Bears Bundle.

Bearly Beloved is available exclusively to subscribers to Isadora’s newsletter as a free prize for signing up.


Brides for the Bachelor Bears
Books 0-4 Bundle

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Five love stories. Five adventures. Five bears. Can these true-hearted, patriotic bachelors win themselves brides who will cherish their alpha male hearts, and bear-sized passions?

BEARLY A BRIDE: Green Beret Troy Reynolds lost his career, his girl and a leg when he was blown up in Afghanistan. Lisa Marie Johnston was widowed at twenty. Her twins are her whole life. When Troy saves her boy from drowning, these shifters are both swept away in the currents of passion. But can two wounded bears heal each other? This BONUS novella is exclusive to this box set.

BEARLY BEGUN, BEARLY ENOUGH: Backwoods bears Lenny and Joey Benoit left for the big city to seek the deep-bosomed, broad-hipped mates they crave. Joe and Len are good with their hands, and would die for their mates, but neither Erin nor Caitlyn want an HEA with a shifter. Are these urban heartbreakers going to wring their burly bears dry in bed and send them home still unmated?

BEARLY EVER, BEARLY FOREVER: Gideon and Asher Bascom’s inner bears fell hard and fast the second they met Allyssa and Julia. But these beauties don’t intend to marry a bear, no matter how sexy he is. Rejected lovers Gideon and Ash have to track their reluctant brides down. But before they can claim their mates they must thwart the evil stalking them.

Fair Warning: Graphic depiction of primal bearshifter lusts may be too much for some. These books contain many salacious episodes of wanton BBWs having their way with randy bears.

All 5 novellas are stand alone and have a HEA and no cliffhangers.


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