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Bear Skin

A Billionaire Oil Bearons Romance

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Curvaceous midwife Jenna wasn’t expecting her fated mate to show up in a blizzard.

Now this voluptuous virgin has to thaw out Maj. Zeke Bascom of the 75th Rangers the old fashioned way – skin to skin!

Hard-bitten bearshifter Zeke knows he’s gone to glory when he wakes to find his arms full of soft, fragrant bear. He knows he doesn’t deserve her, but he seizes this delectable angel.

Sensible Jen is irresistibly drawn to this moody bear, even though he does nothing but snarl and leer at her by turns. But can hot, hard-bodied Zeke persuade a passionate BBW to take a chance on a hard-living soldier with PTSD and a bad case of the blues?

Has this this sensual beauty forged a bear bond with this red hot, billionaire bear? Or are they mistaking lust for love?

Caution: Naked bears ahead. Bear Skin contains graphic descriptions of a hard loving, hard-bodied soldier ravishing his voracious, virginal BBW. Readers looking for hot and hasty shifter sex can satisfy their bear needs here.

Book 5 in the Bear Fursuits series, Bear Skin has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone.


Bear Pause

A Billionaire Oil Bearons Romance

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Billionaire Oil Bearon Laura Bascom needs a husband and a child if she’s to keep the family ranch. A one-year marriage sounds just right to satisfy the conditions of her great-grandfather’s will.

Bearshifter Steve Holden’s not sure he wants to get mixed up with any Bascoms, no matter how much money is at stake, but just one glimpse of voluptuous, adorable Laura and he knows he’s met his fate. What does an honorable ex-Green Beret do when the bear of his dreams only wants a business proposition?

He says yes, he signs the prenuptial, and he sets out to seduce his wife. Because Steve’s rampant desire for his fated mate isn’t a fever that will burn itself out.

But what if sexy, passionate Laura means what she says? And what will happen when she discovers Steve’s secret? If they are to have an HEA, hard-bodied bear shifter Steve has to teach his Laura to trust her inner bear.

Caution: Steamy scenes ahead. Some readers may be offended by the red hot descriptions of primal passion in Bear Pause. If you want wild and randy shifters coupling, this is the read for you.

Steve Holden, the hot bearshifter bodyguard from Dragon’s Treasure, rides into Success, Colorado on his motorcycle, to feature in his own sizzling novel.

Book 6 in the Bear Fursuits series, Bear Pause has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone.


Bear Sin

A Billionaire Oil Bearons Romance

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Ever since he came into his talent in adolescence, billionaire Patrick Bascom has been denying his inner bear. But waxing your chest can’t change your soul. An unexpected encounter with curvy bearshifter Heather Dupré rouses his bear instincts at last.

Yet when Patrick learns that Heather is pregnant he thinks paying her off will be the easiest option. But her backwoods family has other ideas.

Even after a shotgun wedding, BBW Heather is unwilling to tie herself to a city slicker who doesn’t act like a bear. Patrick Bascom, reserve officer and corporate lawyer, is about to learn that money can’t buy bear bonds. By the time this alpha male realizes that Heather is his fated mate, it may be too late for them and their cubs.

Spice Alert: Be prepared for fiery descriptions of passionate bear shifters enjoying lusty romps.

Book 7 in the Bear Fursuits series, Bear Sin has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone.


Bear Fate

A Billionaire Oil Bearons Romance

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Two battered hearts. Two unmated bear shifters. Two military heroes. One wounded warrior. One billionaire. One BBW determined to wait for her Mr. Right. Two infatuated males. Too bad three’s a crowd.

BBW Amber Dupré knows she wants a forever after love. She can choose between wealthy Billionaire Oil Bearon Calvin Bascom and veteran Lance Prescott. Should bear shifter Amber settle for a billionaire bear, or risk her heart on a mortal who is everything she needs in a mate but who may reject her for being a monster?

After surviving brutal wounds, Marine veteran Lance Prescott has carved a peaceful new life for himself in Colorado. He is content training horses at the Bascom stables, until BBW Amber Dupré arrives and stirs up passions he thought long dead.

Oil tycoon Calvin Bascom has spent his entire life stuffing his bear under his custom-made suits. Frequent visits to the waxing bar, and dates with supermodels, help to conceal his primitive inner beast. But voluptuous Amber Dupré gets him thinking about the charms of a cozy armful of curvy she-bear.

Marine veteran Lance Prescott’s face took the brunt of the bomb that ended his career in Recon. Both he and Calvin want to cut Amber from the herd and put their brand on her. No one ever accused a Marine of lacking that can-do spirit or avoiding a battle. But what chance does a half-blind, scarred veteran with PTSD have of winning the heart of a luscious beauty who is being pursued by a big, brawny, billionaire reservist?

Feisty BBW Amber intends to make up her own mind. She knows a bear bond is an absolute necessity for a bear shifter. She won’t settle for anything less. There’s just one problem: her one true love is dead. How can she replace him and keep her self-respect? And which of the men vying for her charms is the right one?

This brave woman must decide if giving her heart to mortal Lance is worth the risk of being rejected as a monster. Maybe she’d be better off with a stinking rich bear and discovering if money can buy happiness?

Laugh a little, cry a little, as Amber, Lance and Calvin open their hearts to love and discover they didn’t know themselves as well as they thought. And that true love always finds a way.

Guaranteed HEA. This is not a menage story, but a lover’s triangle. No cliffhangers – although the loser gets his own story in my next Bear Fursuits book!

Steamy lovemaking and transcendent love. Let Bear Fate rock your e-reader.

Book 8 in the Bear Fursuits series, this 60K feel-good, paranormal romance novel has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone.


Snowed in with the Bear

A Billionaire Oil Bearons Romance

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Snarling alpha male bear shifter tempts curvy she-grizzly. Can protective, possessive Calvin prove he’s more than a rich playboy?

Fabulously wealthy oil boss Calvin is used to sophisticated city women. This playboy shifter doesn’t understand why his inner black bear has the hots for earthy she-bear Amanda.

Curvy Amanda may have retired from the army but she’s kept her take-no-prisoners attitude.

She’s older. She’s mocking, combative, and a grizzly. She also outranks him. So why does this reservist find her so smoking hot?

Amanda lost her beloved husband, but she’s not looking to replace her hero with any weekend soldier. It’s not right that this black bear makes her grizzly hormones howl.

When Calvin rescues her from a deadly blizzard, will this be the opportunity to let their lust burn itself out?

And what happens if this she-grizzly does fall for a forbidden black bear?

A sequel to Bear Fate, Snowed in with the Bear is a standalone paranormal romance with an HEA. Plenty of action, adventure, steam and banter will rock your e-reader.

This 25k story originally appeared in the 2018 Christmas collection, Happy Howlidays, which is no longer available.


Billionaire Oil Bearons

A Bear Fursuits Boxset

(BBW/Bear Shifter Romance)

Five bears in hot fursuit of curvy soulmates.

From the Cascades to the prairies of Colorado, the possessive Billionaire Oil Bearons pursue their fated mates…

Bear Skin: Bear shifter Zeke is half-dead when he pounds on Jenna’s cabin door. This she-bear doesn’t have much choice but to thaw the frozen stranger out – skin to skin. Will Zeke’s billions persuade his curvy angel to take a chance on a surly, wounded warrior?

Bear Pause: Laura will lose the ranch she’s spent ten years running, unless she rustles up a husband and child from thin air. Her burly new stable hand looks like he’s up for a temporary marriage. But alpha male Steve has a few secrets too, and he isn’t the kind of bear to abandon wife and cubs.

Bear Sin: Arrogant lawyer Patrick cherishes his slick veneer. But a chance encounter with country bear Heather is about to upend his life. A shotgun marriage, cubs on the way, and a missing bride will force his protective bear out of hiding.

Bear Fate: When she runs off to Colorado, she-bear Amber finds herself caught between two warriors. Filthy rich Calvin has spent his whole life stuffing his bear down deep, but Amber rouses it from hibernation. Lance Prescott returned from war with disfiguring scars and a wounded soul. Which of these alphas will win curvy Amber’s heart?

Snowed in with the Bear: BBW Amanda is proud of her military career, her late husband, and of being a grizzly. She never expected desire to come knocking in the shape of a dominant younger man. Especially not a black bear who waxes his chest. But once they slake their forbidden lusts, shift happens.

Adventure, steam, and humor blend into romantic stories that will keep you reading way past bedtime. Binge read the entire Billionaire Oil Bearons romances tonight. Guaranteed happy ever after. Contains bonus chapters of Beloved by the Bear.

This is a collection of previously published books, which are still available as standalone romances.


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