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Alpha Phoenix Brides

An Alpha Phoenix Bundle

Four fierce, patriotic, and true-hearted Phoenix Warriors claim their Fated Mates.

Didn’t think birds could be hot, hunky heroes? You haven’t met the D’Angelos of Texas!

These phoenixes are willing to die for their fated mates. Good thing they’re immortal.

Four phoenixes, 4 love stories. Hot, romantic, suspenseful, & fast paced. Read them all in one convenient collection.

Phoenix Ablaze: Wounded Air Force officer Pierce must persuade his curvy soul mate to trust him. Can this protective alpha male defend divorcée Diana from a snake shifter, and also persuade her to seize a second chance at love and become his immortal phoenix bride?

Phoenix Aflame: To protect curvy Tasha, and to keep his own young daughter with him, widowed dad and Alpha Phoenix Harrison proposes a marriage of convenience to divorcée Tasha. Can these two wounded souls seize the second chance fate has handed them before the villains after Tasha succeed in eliminating her?

Phoenix Alight: Wounded warrior bear shifter Cam never stopped loving his Amazonian phoenix. But now that he has lost his inner bear, and his strength, what does he have to offer this USAF test pilot and alpha female?

How can tough pilot Frankie get in touch with her healing side to restore this gallant officer to himself and give them both a second chance at love?

Christmas Flame: Can BBW Genevieve get protective, possessive phoenix playboy Grant to see her as a real woman instead of his little sisters’ BFF? Or are they doomed to remain just friends?

The blazing paranormal powers of Isadora’s passionate, protective phoenixes will blow your mind. Lots of steam, incredible paranormal adventures, and transcendent phoenix bonds in four sizzling, feel-good romances. Indulge yourself with a binge read today.



Bear Fursuits Books 1-4 Bundle

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Four bears. Four servicemen. One super rich clan. Five stories. Isadora Montrose’s patriotic, honorable bearshifters adore their passionate BBW mates, but sometimes serving your country has to come before love. Will these hot Alpha Male bearshifters find that duty has eroded the bear-bonds they forged with their destined brides?

The first four books in Isadora Montrose’s Bear Fursuits Series plus a bonus short: Bear Necessities, Bear Possibilities, Bear Affinities, Bear Infinities. Bearcubs for Christmas, Book 4.5 in this series, is exclusive to this bundle.

Marine Jack abandoned his curvy Hannah in order to complete his top-secret undercover mission in Uzbekistan. Can she forgive him for disappearing and lying to her in the service of his country?

Navy Seal Will had to lead his Joint Forces team instead of pursuing his terrified mate. Four years on, can they sort out their mistakes and have a second chance at love?

Col. Doug Enright isn’t looking for love. He and his wife married right out of West Point, but she died in Afghanistan leaving him grief-stricken. Beautiful, built-for-bear Madeline needs a protector. Can Maddie’s sophisticated wiles awaken this stoic shifter’s frozen libido?

Air Force Pilot Roman has been lost — presumed dead — for three years. But his fiancée still feels their bond as strongly as the day they met. Can Gabriella locate amnesiac Roman in the deep woods? Will the feral shifter she tracks down love her or eat her for lunch?

Bonus Short: Bearcubs for Christmas: Babies at Christmas! What could be cozier? Or more terrifying? When the bridge to town washes out, it will take Jack’s entire clan to make sure his Hannah is delivered safely of their premature triplets.

Take note: Hard-bodied bears and insatiable BBW’s ahead. Books 1-4 contain the racy details of bearshifters’ primal lusts. If earthy, spicy lovemaking fulfills your desires, read on.



Billionaire Oil Bearons

A Bear Fursuits Boxset

(BBW/Bear Shifter Romance)

Five bears in hot fursuit of curvy soulmates.

From the Cascades to the prairies of Colorado, the possessive Billionaire Oil Bearons pursue their fated mates…

Bear Skin: Bear shifter Zeke is half-dead when he pounds on Jenna’s cabin door. This she-bear doesn’t have much choice but to thaw the frozen stranger out – skin to skin. Will Zeke’s billions persuade his curvy angel to take a chance on a surly, wounded warrior?

Bear Pause: Laura will lose the ranch she’s spent ten years running, unless she rustles up a husband and child from thin air. Her burly new stable hand looks like he’s up for a temporary marriage. But alpha male Steve has a few secrets too, and he isn’t the kind of bear to abandon wife and cubs.

Bear Sin: Arrogant lawyer Patrick cherishes his slick veneer. But a chance encounter with country bear Heather is about to upend his life. A shotgun marriage, cubs on the way, and a missing bride will force his protective bear out of hiding.

Bear Fate: When she runs off to Colorado, she-bear Amber finds herself caught between two warriors. Filthy rich Calvin has spent his whole life stuffing his bear down deep, but Amber rouses it from hibernation. Lance Prescott returned from war with disfiguring scars and a wounded soul. Which of these alphas will win curvy Amber’s heart?

Snowed in with the Bear: BBW Amanda is proud of her military career, her late husband, and of being a grizzly. She never expected desire to come knocking in the shape of a dominant younger man. Especially not a black bear who waxes his chest. But once they slake their forbidden lusts, shift happens.

Adventure, steam, and humor blend into romantic stories that will keep you reading way past bedtime. Binge read the entire Billionaire Oil Bearons romances tonight. Guaranteed happy ever after. Contains bonus chapters of Beloved by the Bear.

This is a collection of previously published books, which are still available as standalone romances.



Brides for the Bachelor Bears Bundle by Paranormal Romance Author Isadora Montrose

Brides for the Bachelor Bears
Books 0-4 Bundle

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Five love stories. Five adventures. Five bears. Can these true-hearted, patriotic bachelors win themselves brides who will cherish their alpha male hearts, and bear-sized passions?

BEARLY A BRIDE: Green Beret Troy Reynolds lost his career, his girl and a leg when he was blown up in Afghanistan. Lisa Marie Johnston was widowed at twenty. Her twins are her whole life. When Troy saves her boy from drowning, these shifters are both swept away in the currents of passion. But can two wounded bears heal each other? This BONUS novella is exclusive to this box set.

BEARLY BEGUN, BEARLY ENOUGH: Backwoods bears Lenny and Joey Benoit left for the big city to seek the deep-bosomed, broad-hipped mates they crave. Joe and Len are good with their hands, and would die for their mates, but neither Erin nor Caitlyn want an HEA with a shifter. Are these urban heartbreakers going to wring their burly bears dry in bed and send them home still unmated?

BEARLY EVER, BEARLY FOREVER: Gideon and Asher Bascom’s inner bears fell hard and fast the second they met Allyssa and Julia. But these beauties don’t intend to marry a bear, no matter how sexy he is. Rejected lovers Gideon and Ash have to track their reluctant brides down. But before they can claim their mates they must thwart the evil stalking them.

Fair Warning: Graphic depiction of primal bearshifter lusts may be too much for some. These books contain many salacious episodes of wanton BBWs having their way with randy bears.

All 5 novellas are stand alone and have a HEA and no cliffhangers.



Billionaire Dragon Lords Books 1-3 Bundle by Paranormal Romance Author Isadora Montrose

Billionaire Dragon Lords Bundle

(BBW/Dragon Shifter Romance)

Three smoking hot Alpha Males burdened with too much money and not enough love. Three strong-minded curvy women who have appetites as large as their passionate dragon lovers. Surely these destined mates are all well matched? Find out just how hard love is for a dragon lord in these funny, spicy, suspenseful stories. Together for the first time in one box set.

Dragon shifters have a big problem when it comes to marrying. There are no female dragons so they have to transform a mortal woman who is a virgin. But in the twenty-first century the modern woman isn’t waiting in a tower for her prince to ride by.

Dragon’s Treasure: Arrogant Hugo Sarkany is strangely drawn to his temporary PA, shapely Leah St. George. He attempts a seduction and winds up losing his heart to an unwilling dragoness. Even as her abduction is planned by Hugo’s enemies, his sassy Georgia Peach is about to teach this pompous aristocrat how to be a hero.

Dragon’s Successor: Roland Voros is a captain of industry and High Marshal of the Council of the Guild of Dragons. He is used to women deferring to his importance. Kayla Cooper is a down-to-earth geek with no use for the dominant jerk who turned her into a dragon and knocked her up. How can Roland win back his runaway woman and claim his fireling before some other dragon seizes them both?

Dragon’s Pleasure: Dragoness Christina Lindorm is a miracle and the Treasure of the mightiest House in Dragonry. Ivan Sarkany has the temerity to fall for this bold beauty. Duty and desire war in both their hearts as the enemies of Dragonry pursue an evil agenda and peril dogs the path to true love.

Heat level: Steamy. Passionate dragon shifters romp with their passionate mates. If sensual delights are what you desire, these novels will melt your e-reader.

These 3 books in Isadora Montrose’s Lords of the Dragon Islands will satisfy all your paranormal romance needs. All 3 are previously published standalone novels, with HEAs and no cliffhangers. Dragon’s Confession which was written after these books were published is not included in this box set.



Mystic Bay Books 1-4 by Isadora Montrose

Mystic Bay Series Books 1-4

A Small Town Paranormal Romance Bundle

These four big-hearted, heroic alpha males know they’ve found their soulmates.

Too bad their curvy women are running scared. Enjoy four spicy, funny paranormal romps with more twists and turns than a mountain road as four big bad beasts claim their fated mates.

With a fairy as mayor and a wizard as her deputy, it ought to be easy for shifters to find their fairy tale endings in Mystic Bay. If only. While the paranormal is normal in magical Mystic Bay, predatory shifters are second-class citizens.

Take a walk on the mild side as Isadora’s quirky cast of small town paranormal characters help and hinder these four protective shifters’ romantic pursuits.

Mystic Bay Box set includes:

Desired by the Dragon: Billionaire dragon lusts for forbidden fairy princess. Moira is drawn to alpha male Quinn, but isn’t keen on becoming a twenty-foot reptile. And what’s up with his hoard of naked fairy pictures?

Cherished by the Cougar: Voluptuous single mom and witch Claudia wakes up married to a strange cougar. How can a forced match to a wounded veteran bring her a happily ever after?

Beloved by the Bear: After one glance at BBW mermaid Serena, burly Marine Anton is smitten. How can he convince her clan that a bear can be the king of this sea-princess’ heart?

Adored by a Dragon: Fed up with her neglectful mate, pregnant fairy Angelina runs off. Dominant alpha male Daniel arrives in hot pursuit, but his feisty fated mate won’t give him a second chance. How can this possessive dragon woo back his wife?

Mystic Bay Books 1-4 contains 4 steamy page-turners guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, and satisfy your deepest shifter needs. Each of these light-hearted, feel-good stories has a happy-ever-after ending. All these stories are also published as standalone romantic comedies, and may be purchased individually. Read them all today!

This 1,000-page box set also includes 2 bonus chapters from Fated for the Phoenix (Mystic Bay Book 5).



Mystic Bay Series Books 5-8

A Small Town Paranormal Romance Bundle

Four sizzling romps to lighten your heart and brighten your reader. Four steamy page-turning BBW/Shifter romances in one bundle. Guaranteed to give you that happy-ever-after feeling. Read them all today!

Fated for the Phoenix: Unicorn Samantha believes her phoenix lover perished in the accident that stole his memory. When amnesiac Rafe discovers her secret child is his, will fate grant this wounded warrior a second chance at love?

Bedded by the Bear: Pregnant she-bear Zoe is facing a shotgun marriage. Can her pal Mitchell save her? This take-charge bearshifter never planned to hit on his best friend’s hot little sister, but she seems to need him. Now curvy Zoe’s jumped from the frying pan to the fire.

Wedded to the Wolf: Mer-princess scratches forbidden itch with lone wolf. After a bad marriage, BBW Justine doesn’t want to be bitten by love, let alone by a werewolf. But a few snatched weeks of scorched sheets? Sure thing. Will she break this alpha male’s heart?

Dazzled by the Dragon: Marriage-minded dragon pursues reluctant psychic. Ian claims curvy psychic Kim as his mate by right of capture on sight. He intends to keep his mate by fair means or foul. Kim fights her attraction to this dominant alpha male. Could fate really have bonded her to a predator?

With a fairy as mayor and a wizard as her deputy, it ought to be easy for shifters to find their fairy tale endings in Mystic Bay. If only. While the paranormal is normal in magical Mystic Bay, predatory shifters are second-class citizens. Take a walk on the mild side as Isadora’s quirky cast of small-town paranormal characters help and hinder these four protective shifters’ romantic pursuit of their reluctant soul mates.

Includes a bonus preview of Dragon Intrigues (SPAR: Rescue & Romance, Book 1).

The 4 books in this box set were previously published under the above titles. This is the second anthology in the light-hearted Mystic Bay series. Enjoy them all today!



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