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Bear Necessities

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Hard muscled bear Marine Jack Enright has returned from his deadly mission in Uzbekistan just too late. After years of absence, his mate believes him dead. Can he track lush bodied Hannah down before she shares her buxom delights with some other bear?

Bearshifter Hannah Metcalfe is tired of pining for her long-gone fated mate. If she can’t forget her sexy bad-boy, she can still have a romp with some other shifter and make the babies she longs for.

But ruthless mob soldiers tracking a fortune in heroin and guns are on Jack’s trail. And there is suddenly far more at stake than two wounded hearts.

Is Jack Marine enough to protect his pregnant fated mate? And can Hannah trust her inner bear when it tells her to forgive Jack’s lies? Or will a life-time of doubting her own beauty, cause her to lose her chance to be loved by this red-hot bear?

Heads up: BBW meets passionate and insatiable bear in this novella. If hot and hungry coupling and shifter mating battles are what you’re after, this book will satisfy your shifting needs.

Book 1 in the Bear Fursuits series, this novella has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone.


Bear Possibilities

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Martha Metcalfe was living large and loving her lush curves in LA when she picked Navy SEAL Will Enright off a bearshifter dating site. But when she found her handsome hunky mate in a shifter fight club she packed up and left town.

For four lonely, restless years Will has risked his life on missions for his country while seeking his missing Martha. His bear is mated to her for life, and no misunderstanding can change his feelings for his voluptuous woman.

When fate hands him a lead it may just be too late. A vicious ex-con is also tracking his Martha. And the rogue shifter is already three steps ahead of this warrior.

Will can hardly believe this dried up, buttoned down spinster is his bubbly Martha. But he is confident his bear can lure his passionate mate out of hiding. Will Martha resist his efforts to win her heart and revitalize her bear? Or will she choose a lifetime of hard bear loving with this sexy, strapping SEAL?

Heads up: Bear Possibilities contains many scenes of explicit bear sex. If hot blooded shifters and their strong, confident, BBWs getting it on are not what you want, keep looking.

Book 2 in the Bear Fursuits series, this novella has a HEA with no cliffhangers and can be read alone.


Bear Affinities

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Burly bearshifter Colonel Douglas Enright dedicated himself to his career in Bomb Disposal, when his mate was blown up in Afghanistan. After seven years of back-to-back missions, this heroic widower has a chest full of medals, but the heart underneath them remains frozen.

But this bear is blindsided by his unexpected and instantaneous attraction to divorcee Madeline St. Clair. Full figured Maddie never dreamt that shifters existed. But sharing a house with this broad shouldered shifter is weirdly easy. Getting him into bed is strangely hard. Is this grim soldier really her soul mate or are they just too different?

Dare Doug entrust bubbly Maddie with his battered shifter heart? Does this light hearted sophisticate understand that when a shifter loves, he loves unto death? Will Doug be able to counter the murderous schemes of Maddie’s greedy ex-husband before he is loses her too?

Heads up: Shifters get naked and do the dirty early and often. If you think action and adventure add spice to romance, shifter Doug Enright’s wooing of gorgeous, sensual Maddie may just turn your crank.

Book 3 in the Bear Fursuits series, this novella has a HEA with no cliffhangers and can be read alone.


Bear Infinities

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

He had a brilliant future as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, assigned to Joint Special Forces. She was the sweetest, prettiest bear in his cousin’s wedding party.

Roman and Gabriella seemed destined for happiness and a couple of litters of shifter cubs. But when the ace pilot’s fighter plane fell out of the sky and Roman was injured in the crash, he forgot Gabriella and he forgot himself.

They told her Roman was dead. But their bear bond still endures. Three years on, Gabby heads to the woods to drag amnesiac Roman home. But a feral shifter who’s forgotten his human side might just as soon eat her as kiss her.

Can Gabby locate her wounded warrior lost deep in the vast forests of the Cascades? Can her love alone restore Roman’s missing memories and help him to once again become this spunky engineer’s dream mate?

Heads up: Big bold woman has rocking, blistering sex with strong, hot shifter. These bears are love-starved and ravenous. For mature readers of steamy romance not afraid of outdoor romps and encounters between soul mates.

Book 4 in the Bear Fursuits series, this novella has a HEA with no cliffhangers, and can be read alone.


Bear Fursuits Books 1-4 Bundle

(BBW/Bearshifter Romance)

Four bears. Four servicemen. One super rich clan. Five stories. Isadora Montrose’s patriotic, honorable bearshifters adore their passionate BBW mates, but sometimes serving your country has to come before love. Will these hot Alpha Male bearshifters find that duty has eroded the bear-bonds they forged with their destined brides?

The first four books in Isadora Montrose’s Bear Fursuits Series plus a bonus short: Bear Necessities, Bear Possibilities, Bear Affinities, Bear Infinities. Bearcubs for Christmas, Book 4.5 in this series, is exclusive to this bundle.

Marine Jack abandoned his curvy Hannah in order to complete his top-secret undercover mission in Uzbekistan. Can she forgive him for disappearing and lying to her in the service of his country?

Navy Seal Will had to lead his Joint Forces team instead of pursuing his terrified mate. Four years on, can they sort out their mistakes and have a second chance at love?

Col. Doug Enright isn’t looking for love. He and his wife married right out of West Point, but she died in Afghanistan leaving him grief-stricken. Beautiful, built-for-bear Madeline needs a protector. Can Maddie’s sophisticated wiles awaken this stoic shifter’s frozen libido?

Air Force Pilot Roman has been lost — presumed dead — for three years. But his fiancée still feels their bond as strongly as the day they met. Can Gabriella locate amnesiac Roman in the deep woods? Will the feral shifter she tracks down love her or eat her for lunch?

Bonus Short: Bearcubs for Christmas: Babies at Christmas! What could be cozier? Or more terrifying? When the bridge to town washes out, it will take Jack’s entire clan to make sure his Hannah is delivered safely of their premature triplets.

Take note: Hard-bodied bears and insatiable BBW’s ahead. Books 1-4 contain the racy details of bearshifters’ primal lusts. If earthy, spicy lovemaking fulfills your desires, read on.


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