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Dragon’s Christmas Captive

A Viking Dragon Fantasy

(BBW/Dragon Shifter Romance)

Pint-sized Princess Lexi sets out to enchant dragon-sized Theo. What sort of magic will make this elf-woman the right fit for a dragon lord’s noble heart?

Dragon shifter Theo Lindorm has been hunting for his Fated Mate for 10 years. Elven princess Lexi has been waiting for her Prince for 1000. She is prepared to settle for this modern day Viking barbarian, and trade immortality for a home and family. All Theo wants is a soft, sweet Valkyrie and some firelings.

Towering Naval Officer Theo and Pixie-sized Lexi are not well matched in size or temperament. Theo’s mockery and modern technology are a shock to a damsel confined to a tree for 8 centuries. Theo did not expect his mate to be a pint-sized bossy-boots. Destiny seems to have played a prank on them both.

The last of her kind, Lexi sets out to enchant her unwilling dragon. First, she claims him by Right of Capture. Second, she sends her reluctant suitor on a Perilous Quest to retrieve a magic ring from the depths of the ocean. Third, she transforms into his perfect mate to Seduce him.

If only Alpha Male Theo would play by Lexi’s ancient rules. But this Naval Officer resists her spells, and retaliates with a sensual magic of his own. As her attempts to make Theo love her fail, Lexi finds herself trapped in a mortal body snared by human feelings. How could Fate be so cruel?

This sweetly spicy romantic comedy will make you laugh and cry as these unlikely lovers discover how hot a Christmas fire can get.

Dragon’s Christmas Captive is Book 6 in Lords of the Dragon Islands. It is a standalone 25k novella with no cliffhangers and an HEA. It was previously published as part of the collection Shifters, Secrets & Surprises.


Dragon Enchanted

A Viking Dragon Fantasy

(BBW/Dragon Shifter Romance)

The jest of the gods. Curvy Elven Princess Zofie asked Loki for a hero to find her lost ring. He sent a gigantic blue dragon. Alpha male dragon lord Marc Valli needs a virgin he can transform into a fertile dragoness. He mistakenly claims a thumb-sized female with attitude as his fated mate. Oops.

Curvy elven princess Zofie was abandoned by her kin 1000 years ago. Brawny Dragon Lord Marc Valli is hero enough to wrest any stranded maiden from an enchanted island. But how does this alpha claim his fated mate when she is too tiny to kiss?

Will the thousand-year-old elf curse on dragons keep this mismatched pair apart?

They need each other. But how can the monster rescue the fair maiden? And how can they bridge their enormous differences so Zofie can be seduced with kisses? Romp to a spicy conclusion, as love finds a way to bind their yearning hearts together forever and transform an elf into a dragoness.

Dragon Enchanted is Book 6.5 in Lords of the Dragon Islands. It is a standalone 15k short story with no cliffhangers and an HEA.

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Dragon Ensnared

A Viking Dragon Fantasy

(BBW/Dragon Shifter Romance)

Nixie ensnares dragon lord. No matter how beautiful and voluptuous, auburn haired, virginal Iliana is, a soulless water nymph is not what bachelor dragon lord Jareth is seeking. But handsome billionaire Jareth is exactly what BBW Iliana wants.

Can a water sprite who just wants a warm berth, a hard man, and a soft baby, heal a tormented, self-doubting dragon? They say confronting your fears will conquer them. But what if you fear a malevolent spirit that intends to kill you?

The shrieks of the dead have tormented Jareth Lindorm since he was six and his family drowned. But this year he only wants to seek his fated mate and start a family of his own. But first he must deal with a demon’s attempts to kill him.

Water sprite Iliana knows that without a soul she cannot love. But she fully intends to make Jareth love her. Or at least desire her. She is fed up with living in an ice-cold stream and sleeping with the fishes. She schemes to ensnare Jareth, but winds up caught in her own trap.

Jareth’s terrifying visions plunge them into a hazardous trek to the frozen northern wastes. There they discover that only together can they survive the perils of Hel and their own reckless passion.

Yet Jareth fears his visions mean he is slowly going insane. Can he bind his mate to a madman? How can Iliana transform Jareth’s gratitude into the love she craves? And how can she keep his interest when her magical beauty is replaced with the ordinary face and body of a mortal woman?

Together, nixie and dragon lord must stumble their way to a sizzling HEA and a transcendent love. Laugh and cry with Iliana and Jareth as they face raging seas, a black-hearted wraith, and the dread goddess Hel.

Dragon Ensnared is Book 7 in Lords of the Dragon Islands. It is a standalone 40k novel with no cliffhangers and an HEA.


Dragon Bewitched

A Viking Dragon Fantasy

(BBW/Dragon Shifter Romance)

Modern dragon knocks up beautiful thousand-year-old Viking witch.

Dragon shifter Darius Lindorm never dreams an ice climbing mishap will thrust him back into the world of his Viking ancestors. For a thousand years Freya has hated the Viking dragons who stole her sisters and cursed her with perpetual youth

How can she betray her family for her enemy’s love and a child?

Alpha male Darius Lindorm is grateful to his rescuer. Sorceress Freya, in disguise as an old woman, demands a child as her reward. Amnesiac Darius agrees to bed her, never dreaming that this gray-haired woman would actually conceive.

Months later, back home, his memory restored, Darius cannot stop thinking of gray-haired Freya. How can she be his fated mate? And why does he also dream of a youthful red-haired beauty?

Freya’s two brothers won’t let him woo their sister until he threatens them with his own magic. However, they demand a bride price. Darius the wielder of the ‘celfone’ must find and reforge the sword of their forefathers, supply them with a ship that rows itself, and pay blood money for their dead relatives…

This funny, spicy contemporary fantasy romance will make you laugh and cry as these unlikely lovers discover how that love is worth waiting for. Enjoy a break from the humdrum with curvy sorceress Freya and her virile, utterly bewitched dragon.

Steam alert: Virgin witch seduces younger dragon in enchanted love nest. Fall in lust with dragon lord Darius and his curvy fated mate.

Dragon Bewitched is Book 8 in Lords of the Dragon Islands. It is a standalone 38k novel with no cliffhangers and an HEA.


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