In 2018, I am joining with a bunch of other writers from Shifters in Love to bring our readers a brand-new series of romances. The Fun and Flirty shifter stories will be published weekly. Every seven days, there will be a new story by a different Paranormal Romance author for you to look forward to. These titles will be written by the same wonderful writers who do the box sets.

My new series of standalone shifter stories will be set in Mystic Bay, Oregon, on the island of West Haven where the paranormal is normal. My first book will feature a dragon shifter and his fairy fated mate. There will be lighthearted frolicking from start to finish and a sexy Happily Ever After for Quinn Drake and Moira Fairchild. Desired by the Dragon will be published on Jan 13.

Although the stories are all set in Mystic Bay, each new book will have a different type of shifter and love interest. The heroes will continue to be big, buff shifters with a taste for loving and protecting their Big Beautiful Mates. Each book will be a mini-vacation from the stress of everyday life and a taste of the magical life of the island of West Haven.

I have not yet decided whether to subtitle my books A Mystic Bay Romance or A Romance of West Haven. Which one sounds most intriguing? Give me your honest opinion, or suggest something different. I am looking forward to lots of feedback in the comments.

Here is a tiny snippet of Desired by the Dragon:


Suddenly Moira noticed the avid faces gazing raptly out at them from the windows of the Carb Hut.

“We’re being watched,” she whispered.

“I know. They are probably waiting to see if I eat fairies for dessert.” Quinn looked and sounded like a pirate.

Her pulse kicked up. Was her excitement because she now knew he was a dragon? “Do you?” She was flirting. Flirting with a pirate. Flirting with danger.

“Only if they beg on bended knee.” His voice was suddenly dark with passion — with desire.

This is material not previously published. ©Isadora Montrose, 2017

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