Dragon Enchanted was a total blast to write. I adore the combination of Viking lore, Norse sagas, fairy tales, and medieval history.

I wrote this one to give my loyal subscribers and fans a short story that would melt their hearts and e-readers. And also to provide some family for elven Princess Lexi (Dragon’s Christmas Captive).

I think Marc Valli and his elven bride Zofie are a wonderful romantic addition to my dragon roster and I hope you love this pair of fated mates too. To see all the Viking Dragon Fantasy Romances go HERE.

When I get feedback on my stories, I can write even better ones next time. Tell me what you liked best about Enchanted. The fairy tale elements? The steamy scenes? Zofie’s emotional and physical growth? The humor? Something else? I promise I’ll get back to you!

Don’t forget to return to record your time when you have completed the jigsaw!

Snippet from Dragon Enchanted:

Marc scratched the back of the little owl’s neck. She tipped her head forward and let him ruffle the feathers there. He smoothed them down. She was smaller than his hand.

Zofie could have lingered on her perch forever enjoying the touch of that big finger. It had been so long since she was touched. She had best remember however that all dragons were dangerous beasts. She flew off to a rock to compose herself.

She ignored his outstretched finger. Better not let him get too close. But the dragon was quicker than her eye, for he swooped and caught her in one great fist.

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