Fated by the Phoenix is now available exclusively to Amazon. I have also enrolled it in Kindle Unlimited. Here is a little preview.

Phoenix shifter Rafael D’Angelo and his fated mate, BBW unicorn Samantha, are an unlikely couple. Their destiny is altered by a terrible accident that leaves him with amnesia. Alone and lonely, Samantha has a Rafael’s child. When he discovers his secret baby, will phoenix and unicorn get a second chance at love?

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions and lots of loving. Read an excerpt below. Let me know what you think!

I also made you a memory game to celebrate the release of Samantha and Rafael’s romance. Included are several book covers also from our fabulous Shifters in Love Fun & Flirty line. Thanks, Rinelle Grey, Elsa Jade, Emma Alisyn, V. Vaughn, & Ellis Leigh!

Post your times in the comments!



“You want to tell me what is going on, Samantha?”

“I am going to try a little unicorn magic on your soul,” she said softly. Her belly clenched with apprehension.


“Relax. This is going to hurt me worse than it hurts you.”

Rafael chuckled, but Samantha was now a long way from feeling blithe. She was just determined. A unicorn does not turn away from suffering. A unicorn fulfills her obligations.

“Are you taking off your clothes?” he asked hopefully.


“Am I going to get lucky?”

“I don’t know.”

“Should I take off my own clothes?” He was openly smirking now.

“Just unbutton your shirt.”

Samantha took unicorn. Felt the sense of power suffuse her being as she grew tall and muscular and her gifts intensified. Rafael turned to the sound of her stamping hoofs. “Did you just shift?”

She neighed.

“Huh. Where are you?” He whistled, located her, and relaxed.

She walked forward slowly. Steadily. Until her horn pressed into his chest. He backed away until a tree stopped him. She walked forward, pressing harder into his chest. With a sigh, her horn pierced his flesh and then his heart. The world stopped.

The agony made her knees buckle. She felt his pain as her own. It rippled outward in waves of searing fire. She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t scream. Couldn’t move. Her eyes wanted to close but they remained open. Staring into his sightless blue orbs. The pain was red hot, scalding. She was dying. They were dying. Not even her unicorn power could counter his damaged aura.

And then, just as the elders had always said, the tip of her horn broke off in Rafael’s heart and she was free. Or was she?

This is material not previously published. ©Isadora Montrose, 2018

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