So much news. So many projects. It’s a busy time in the writing hole!

Snowed in with the Bear, A Billionaire Oil Bearons Romance, is coming Nov 15.

My Christmas short for the Shifters in Love multi-author Christmas box set is nearly ready. In Snowed in with the Bear, I have finally given Calvin Bascom and Amanda Arutta from Bear Fate their HEA.

It has been a real blast getting this unlikely pair to admit their feelings. Expect major fireworks as a grizzly and a black bear collide!

Bedded by the Bear, Book 6 in my Mystic Bay series, is now in pre-orders. This Fun & Flirty Romance will be in the Amazon store on Nov 30. These 2 bears are going to yank your heartstrings, and tickle your funny bone.

There will be tons of steam and a whole lot of magic. Robin and Sully return to help Zoe and Mitchell find their bliss. And their next-door neighbors turn out to be porcupine shifters living in a tree house!

And in January, 2019, my very first werewolf will make an appearance in Wedded by the Wolf. Any advice you can give me about werewolves will be much appreciated!



“Want to dance?” Mitchell asked.

Zoe smiled. A watery smile, but a smile. “Sure. I don’t think I’ve ever danced with you.”

“Probably not. You were just a kid when I finished high school.”

“Yup.” She took his hand.

With the pretext of the uneven path, he pulled her close against his body. Breathed in the scent of warm honey hair. Lemon scented soap. A staggering amount of some sultry perfume. He wasn’t much for artificial scents, but on her it smelled sexy.

It was good to breathe in the aroma of this sweet woman. Sweet, she-bear. Sweet, pregnant she-bear. He halted and she crashed into him. Soft breasts smooched against his side before she righted herself. She brushed down her dress indignantly.

“I forgot to ask,” he explained. “Is there some guy inside who’s going to want to rearrange my face when I start showing you my best moves? Like a husband?”

“No,” she said. “There’s no one at all.”

Which was a flat out lie. That baby had a daddy somewhere.

This is material not previously published. ©Isadora Montrose, 2018

Comment below to give me your opinion of this excerpt, tips on wolves, and to share your puzzle times!.

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