Some of you may be members of the Facebook group The Wolf Pack for Readers Who Like A Good Howl. I belong to that, as well as to its parent group which is strictly for writers (as opposed to lovers) of paranormal romance.

The Wolf Pack readers group is an awesome place to meet other fans of PNR and to interact with your favorite authors. It doesn’t matter what your favorite PNR is. Vampires, werewolves, bears, cougars, fairies. We’ve got them all. Tell us what you most enjoy, in person.

I regularly post stuff there such as videos of tigers, amusing memes, or new jigsaw puzzles like today’s. And every day, authors post their free and 99c PNR books.

We have ourselves some good times. Writing is a solitary profession. Brighten a lonely author’s day and make yourself happy too. Comment below to let me know what you think these bears are up to!

In the author group we talk about riveting writerly stuff. Such as how to use dialect that sounds authentic, without inflicting prolonged and tedious decoding on our readers. The Oxford comma. The pain of editing. And every now and again we have a promotion where a group of us invites our subscribers to a sale or other event. Yeah, the reader group is way more fun!

C.D. Gorri and I are both members of the Wolf Pack’s author group. Pretty much a guarantee that a PNR writer is worth reading! Marked by the Devil is C.D.’s new release. Snap it up from your favorite store and enjoy a few chuckles and a whole lot of steam as good-girl Stephanie takes on a Jersey Devil…

If C.D. is a new author to you, check her out on Amazon. She has a long list of fabulous books for the Paranormal Romance Lover in you.

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