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I’m beyond stoked to tell you about my new series. SPAR: Rescue & Romance is another set of interconnected yet stand-alone novels. The series boasts lots of action and adventure as well as tangled sheets and transcendent love.

The heroes are all shifters, all different, all servicemen. Due to popular demand their curvy brides are spunky sharp-witted gals with smart mouths.

Special Paranormal All Ranks is a military-style organization dedicated to policing criminals who use their paranormal talents for evil. Currently, SPAR is rooting out the vicious psi-mobsters they have codenamed Vector. A classic battle between virtue and depravity.

I’m kicking off with Dragon Intrigues. Blythe Warren is a fierce feisty BBW from Mystic Bay. Her uncle is everyone’s favorite sheriff, Wally Babcock. Let’s just say this brave bunny doesn’t hop far from the family tree.

Neil Drake is a dragon with several issues: he’s been axed from Special Forces; the head of his clan has forbidden him to shift; and he has a bum leg and nightmares. Also a hankering for the taboo bunny-next-door, who’s been told to keep away from predators.

The one thing I have not done is to bring the grim reality of COVID-19 into my series. Let’s assume the stories take place before the pandemic changed the world. We all need a little fantasy in our romantic fiction.

For everyone who offered consolation and advice for my wretched frozen shoulder: Your words of comfort were a real lifeline during a difficult time. I am doing way better. Still not perfect, but my strength and flexibility are improved. Physio, yoga, and long walks are healing me. *Waves arms merrily!*

Please enjoy this excerpt from Dragon Intrigues.


Seattle, Neil Drake~

Blythe was splashing in the tub, he had room service on the way. The mood was almost set. Being on the run from thugs had never been part of his fantasies, but a Marine knew how to work with what he was given.

No reason he couldn’t use this two-day interval to woo his bride. He had a lot of daydreams to make real. For ten years he had been dreaming. Lusting. And now he had the bunny naked in the bathtub.

He hooked up to the internet. Up popped the hotel’s website. The merchandise the hotel offered its patrons shocked a guileless son-of-Mars. Who’d have thought hotel hanky-panky was so commonplace? Or so expensive? He selected a few things. And then a few more. Blythe deserved to be happy.

A knock at the door sent him to the peephole. The two room service men had the correct uniforms and a cart. Their knowing smiles were far better than the knife attack he had half expected. All they wanted was a chance at the big tipper.

As he had expected, the bellman had talked. He met their expectations and locked up behind them before pouring Blythe a glass of champagne and cutting her some cheese. She needed to keep her strength up.

Bubbles slid down over pert nipples when she sat up to take his offerings. “Aren’t we going to share the tub?”

“As soon as the stuff I ordered gets here.” He kissed her.

The concierge had also heard about his lavish tipping. Neil’s purchases followed hard on the heels of room service. He gathered up his gifts and strolled into the bathroom. Blythe’s round eyes had a predictable effect. If his cock got any harder he’d be walking bowlegged.

“What’s that?” she asked.

He waggled his cock up and down. “If you have to ask, I’m doing it wrong.”

She pouted. “Be like that. I thought you had a present for me.”

“I do.” This time he made his cock wave side to side.

She giggled. “How do you do that?”

“Exquisite self-control and natural athleticism.” He climbed into the water and settled to face her, his legs outside of hers.

The hot water frothed delicately around their bodies. He rubbed his legs against Blythe’s and filled their glasses with more champagne. She accepted another morsel of cheese from his hand.

“You have to stay fighting fit.”

Her face was impish with delight. “For what?” she cooed.

“Your present.” He handed her a small plastic case.

“Jewelry?” She hefted it. “It’s pretty heavy for earrings,” she teased.

He grinned back. She slipped the clasp and looked at the curvy hot-pink device, nose wrinkling. “Is it what I think it is?”

“Depends on what you think it is. It’s your very own handheld Electra Pulse IV.”

She caressed it gently. “I’ve always wanted a handheld Electra Pulse IV,” she breathed.

Her tone made him even harder. Her obvious bewilderment made him laugh.

“Okay, what does it do, smart aleck?”

“It’s a sonic vibrator. Guaranteed effective on the most sensitive flesh. Shall I demonstrate?” “You want to do me in the bathtub?” she yelped.

This is material not previously published. ©Isadora Montrose, 2020

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